Please don't post The Minutemen in the same space Billy Haisley lazily posts horseshit by something called Little Bee every chance he gets, on purpose, and to punish the readers of this site. It is extremely disrespectful. » 9/06/14 1:01am 9/06/14 1:01am

I saw that Met game! I was sort of dozing off on the couch between innings, & suddenly heard Mel Allen's voice when they came back from commercial. Thought I was losing my mind till they swung the cameras around & I saw it was Billy and Robin with the headphones on. They did another half-inning, too. Great line by… » 8/26/14 7:13am 8/26/14 7:13am

I plagiarized this song in 8th grade honors English on a poem assignment. When my teacher read my "masterpiece" to the dirtbag class and they broke out laughing, I went from an A+ to an F- in the blink of a fucking eye. » 8/23/14 12:15am 8/23/14 12:15am